Privacy policy

The Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec and all of its affiliates participating in this website (hereafter referred to as, “Desjardins”) take privacy issues very seriously and have adopted whatever measures necessary to comply with all applicable laws.

By “personal information”, we mean any information that you provide to us on a voluntary basis and that allows us to identify you.

Protection of personal information

At Desjardins, we have implemented a rigorous policy to protect your personal information:

Use of personal information

Any personal information about users collected as part of the interactive game will only be used for administrative purposes and to compile statistics, unless the user’s parents have consented otherwise.

Communicating with participants

There will be no communications or correspondence with users as part of this interactive game, other than in compliance with the rules for participating in the game. To learn more about our communications policy, please read the full Terms of Use for the interactive game.

Communicating with parents

Parents will not receive any communications or correspondence as part of this interactive game, unless they have expressly consented to.

Modifications to this privacy policy

This privacy policy can be modified at any time and without prior notice.


If your child is participating in this interactive game; that implies that you, as the parent, have consented to this current policy.

Removal of personal information

If you wish to remove your child from our interactive game and/or delete his/her profile and related personal information, you can send your request via an email message to